"It's changed the trajectory of my life, and it could do the same for you."

Dalisu Jwara is a graduate from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. As a student, he attended 33Fifty, a Global Leader Experience delivered in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Dalisu, who credits his Common Purpose programme as helping him to develop skills which eventually led him to being recruited by a top employer, caught up with Common Purpose to talk about his experiences.

Dalisu talks keenly about how the diversity on the programme gave him new insights and perspectives  - "It brought together different students from around the world. It's amazing how much diversity can bring to the discussion, because everyone brings in different perspectives from where they're from."

He also talks about how developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is necessary for students looking to work in an increasingly global world - "It's the way the future's going to look! It's the way the world is going to move forward! You'll find individuals in your team who come from Singapore, Johannesburg, New York. How do you navigate those spaces in order to work together and add value in the economy and in society?"

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Common Purpose is running Global Leader Experiences in the 50 Magnet Cities of the world. A Magnet City has students from over 100 countries studying in it. So that students don't just graduate as Economists and Engineers. They are also networked, responsible, global leaders with Cultural Intelligence.