Statistics show that men are less likely to regularly visit their GP, less likely to seek medical attention over abnormalities, and less to talk about mental health issues such as stress, phobias and depression.

At Common Purpose we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of Cultural intelligence (CQ). A common misconception is that culture only relates to nationality or religion. People often forget that culture also describes class, professions, sectors and even gender.

It may not be that we necessarily need a Men's Health Week. Nobody could argue that there is a men's health issue that trumps a women's health issue, and even though male life expectancy is generally lower, it is certainly a gap that seems to be shrinking over time.

But the fact is, Men's Health Week isn't really about health problems at all, it's about a culture problem. And as long as a significantly larger demographic of men are reluctant to be open about health, we must ask ourselves - why?

And for that - this week seems to be as good a week as any.

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