As we move into spring in London, it feels very apt that we are launching a series of programmes with new partners around the world. It's always hugely rewarding to work with organizations and institutions whose values and purpose align with ours; meaning we are able to create real impact for the next generation of leaders.

We launched our programme with University of Hong Kong two weeks ago. Eighty-two students from across nine of the ten Schools came together for two days in Hong Kong. They will now participate in our CQ Online programme before spending a month in Manila in June. HKU is delivering on an ambitious vision to ensure that all undergraduate students gain a mainland China and international experience whilst at university. They are also looking to add significant value to their student's leadership development, one of their educational pillars. We are enormously excited to support them in delivering this vision.

From one launch to another, I will fly to Australia for our first student programmes on Australian soil. Firstly, we launch our programme with the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation (WBF) in Sydney. We will work with their 37 Asian Exchange Scholars in Sydney and then in Singapore for a week in August before they embark on their Scholarships. It has been fantastic to work with the WBF, an organization committed to developing the next generation of leaders in Australia. Our aim is that by developing the Scholars' Cultural Intelligence, they will not only make the most of their Scholarships in Asia, but will also be able to create impact in their future leadership roles-across Asia and back home.

Then, we will launch our first Global Leader Experience with RMIT, which brings together 100 of their students from across all disciplines to tackle our annual Challenge on smart and inclusive cities. This is the first of three programmes this year. Alongside the student programmes, we will also be engaging staff in intergenerational learning, involving students from their Asia campuses. It's a holistic vision that seeks to create opportunities to develop Cultural Intelligence and leadership at all levels of the institution.

It is a privilege to work with these organizations and institutions as we seek to give students the most impactful, challenging and transformative learning experiences we can. Stay tuned on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to follow the journey.