Earlier this year 100 leaders from across the Commonwealth gathered in the UK for the global leadership development programme CSCLeaders to debate and work on a globally relevant Challenge; 'How do you get societal - as well as economic - value out of technological innovation?' They developed a range of ideas to address the Challenge and then broke out to different cities; Singapore, Toronto and Delhi to explore this Challenge further.

The upcoming programme in Delhi (17-20 September) will conclude CSCLeaders 2014. Participants will explore and experience different aspects of New Delhi; to find out what works - and doesn't work. Learning from other leaders in the city, they will visit small voluntary organisations such as Butterflies who have worked to improve the lives of street and working children in Delhi since 1989. They will visit large private sector organisations such as Serco. And they will visit centres of innovation such as Fortis Healthcare, a pan Asia-Pacific, integrated healthcare delivery provider.

With its new government and the expectations that come with it, Delhi is the ideal choice for these leaders to test some of the project ideas developed and to identify new ones. It really is a case of Delhi being the right place at the right time for this Challenge, especially because of its multi-cultural context; being the central hub of the country and the various initiatives being taken up and planned that not only have an impact on the country itself but on the world at large as well.

The world faces challenges that transcend national boundaries, demanding smarter, more inspired and globally connected leaders. The objective for the CSCLeaders programme is to develop leaders who are better informed and better networked, with the Cultural Intelligence (the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures) to create a modern, forward-looking Commonwealth.

Sir John Parker, Chairman of Anglo American and founding Chair of the CSCLeaders Selection Group comments on the programme: "I consider CSCLeaders to be a vital opportunity for experienced leaders to engage with a global network of talented leaders across the Commonwealth. As leaders of global businesses and organisations, we are increasingly challenged to lead across multiple cultures. Leaders who are adept at this will thrive in the future."

Adirupa Sengupta, CEO for Common Purpose Asia-Pacific, explained: "Leaders from over 30 countries across the Commonwealth are here in Delhi helping to make the second part of the CSCLeaders programme a genuine success. We are looking forward to seeing how the global connections and understanding that the delegates have built can be used to impact positively both locally and globally."

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