Common Purpose is partnering with the Fulbright Commission in order to offer Fulbright Scholars the opportunity to develop their Cultural Intelligence. Common Purpose will hold places on Global Leader Experiences for all UK and US Fulbright Scholars studying in a city ‎where we are running the programme across the UK and US. The programme gives students the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership, build networks and get a local perspective to global challenges by visiting organisations based within that city.

Penny Egan, Executive Director of the US-UK Fulbright Commission spoke about the partnership: "At Fulbright, we are passionate about providing students from the UK and US with the opportunity to study abroad and engage them into a new learning experience. We feel that Common Purpose and their Global Leader Experiences programmes are a great addition for our students and will provide them with the capacity to build networks in the city in which they study. We look forward to enhancing their Fulbright experience through Common Purpose leadership development programmes that will connect them with senior leaders and students in the city in which they study."

The US-UK Educational Commission (Fulbright Commission) fosters mutual cultural understanding through educational exchange between both nations. The global Fulbright Programme is one of the most prestigious awards programmes world-wide operating in over 150 countries, with over 300,000 alumni. Approximately 15,000 UK nationals have studied in the US and over 12,000 US nationals in the UK on Fulbright educational exchange programmes.

Andy Coxall, Director of Common Purpose Student Experiences said: "Common Purpose is privileged to be in partnership with the Fulbright Commission and save places for Fulbright students to participate in our Global Leader Experiences across our UK and US based Magnet Cities. The programmes will allow them to develop their skills and gain new experiences by looking deeply into global challenges, from a local perspective"

Global Leader Experiences are run for university students in Magnet Cities across the world, where large number - from at least 100 nationalities - of the world's talent convene to study. Over four days, students become street smart and develop the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) they will need to be global leaders.

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