Common Purpose ran its first programme in France in 2008. The Lille Matrix programme provided leadership development for participants from the private, public, and not for profit sectors across Lille society. The Matrix programme brought together leaders from across the sectors in Lille to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the city.

Common Purpose France also ran a series of Quest days which brought Common Purpose alumni from across Europe to Lille to look at examples of the city's successes in regeneration. In the words of participants:

"J'ai eu une prise de conscience de l'épaisseur du cloisonnement entre le monde associatif et le monde politique. Maintenant, j'ai envie de contribuer au décloisonnement." (I had an awareness of the boundaries between NGOs and the political world. Now, I want to contribute to overcoming them.)

- Arnaud Delacroix, Chef de projets, EDF

La méthode de Common Purpose vous ouvre à d'autres univers, permet de développer et d'enrichir vos réseaux, de prendre de recul et de réfléchir un instant.(Common Purpose's method exposes you to other worlds. It helps develop and enrich your networks and allows you to take a step back and think for a moment.)

- Olivier Decornet, Responsable Nouvelles Mobilités, Transpole

Common Purpose no longer runs local courses in France but people based in France still have the opportunity to be involved in our exciting global programmes:

Global Leader Experiences

Presently, 4 million students travel to study and this number is soon set to double. Common Purpose are running Global Leader Experiences (leadership programmes for students) in the 50 Magnet Cities of the world, (a magnet city is one where over 100 nationalities convene to study) where students have the opportunity to develop Cultural Intelligence. Find out more

Global Customised

Our Global Customised work is also available to organisations around the world. Our Leadership development solutions are entirely bespoke and can be delivered independently or integrated into your existing talent or leadership programme. Find out more