Common Purpose was chosen by Avon and Somerset Constabulary to design and deliver a two-part Collab event (a hands-on workshop to develop collaborative working) for 70 of its leaders across the police force. This Collab has been specially designed to help these police leaders learn how to better work collaboratively in the context of a real challenge.

During part-one of the Collab, held in September, participants explored the following challenge taken from the constabulary's Service Promise:

How do we work together as a team to deliver the Service Promise for the benefit of the communities of Avon & Somerset?

Avon and Somerset Constabulary and Common Purpose brought together stakeholders from a range of internal departments from across the Constabulary, all of whom were involved in this challenge either directly or indirectly. Members of the force were provided with an opportunity to practise their influencing skills and were able to gain a better understanding of the complications that arise when working collaboratively across a diverse organisation.

Part-two of the Collab Common Purpose brought together the constabulary and its external partners to focus on a second challenge:

How do we address the needs of repeat & frequent service users focusing on those affected by mental health issues and drugs and alcohol dependency?

Karen Mackley, Director, UK Customised, commented:

"Part-one was a useful and enlightening exercise that identified valuable opportunities and an insight into the barriers and enablers of collaboration. The process encouraged and highlighted the importance of building trust and strong relationships.

"I am looking forward to part two where we will further see participants step into each other's shoes to understand a problem from all sides."

Participants during part one of the Collab.

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