The knowledge I learnt from the American Express Leadership Academy was very useful for my work as I need to organize and empower the underprivileged and train them to be leaders. It provided me a more structural and skilful training content and means to deliver message/training more powerfully and skilfully.  What is more, it is a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and networking with other organizations and leaders. I keep closely cooperation with some of the participants and foresee that will have more cooperation with more of them. 

I enjoyed the course very much. It provides different dimensions and perspectives training and thinking. It not only emphasized on the skill training but also the character as a leader. No matter how talent you are, the most important as a leader who should have passion and heart for your work and your team, then you can overcome everything with your team.

I am always weak in communication skills, through group discussion and personal coaching, I learnt the skills of communication and plan to continue to learn more. It is my first time to experience professional coaching. It is wonderful and interesting.

When I joined this training, some people said to me that you are well trained, you don’t need to be trained. But I found that there are much more I need to learn and I learn a lot from the program. And how much you learnt, it depends how much you committed!