Many years ago, Charles Handy - who has been a wonderful mentor to me over the years - told me that if you lead a growing organisation, you usually have an image in your head of it being about two thirds of the size it really is.

However big your ideas and plans, your head is always just a bit behind.

I have been reminded of this as I have worked with my colleagues to refresh the Common web site over the last few weeks.

Common Purpose started so local - in a few cities in the UK. Then we became multi local - working in many cities across the world. And now we are global as well as local too. After all, you can't be global unless you build it on local.

The scale of our global work has rather surprised and delighted me as we have brought the whole picture together. It has been a delight working on the site with colleagues Dale and Isabella. I hope you will enjoy reading about Common Purpose, whether you are new to us or know us so well but - perhaps like me - hadn't quite taken in just how much we have grown.