The January programme from Common Purpose has launched for 2022, with a new cohort of senior leaders ready to develop the skills required to make the next major transition in their leadership journey.

The global nature of the January programme means that participants are able to access unique thought leadership and a wide range of perspectives and insights from both individuals and organizations across the globe. This year, participants will be focusing on the question of climate change and discuss how collaboration is key to solving these big, global issues.

Developed in partnership with Google Digital Academy and in partnership with PWC and Anglo American, the January programme aims to create a truly global network of leaders open to new approaches and ways of working.

"In a global landscape characterized by constant disruption, leaders today need new approaches to leadership. January, and its proposition around agile creativity, is a unique opportunity for any leader who wants to thrive at a global level."
Shuvo Saha, Founder of Google Digital Academy.

Adi Sengupta, Group Chief Executive, Common Purpose, welcomed the 2022 cohort last week and emphasized the need for leaders to collaborate in order to have these conversations effectively.

"This year our January leaders are exploring the themes of climate change within the overall theme of transition. Now more than ever, it is crucial for leaders to develop both the skills and the mindset to have these conversations at a global level."

 With participants this year from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South and South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, a common theme heard from participants is the excitement to be joining this global eco-system of leaders.

Beginning with six highly interactive real-time online sessions focused on core leadership themes and culminating with a four-day in-person event in London, participants are really able to get under the skin of these issues and, in doing so, further develop their own agile creativity and ability to address the big problems in their own worlds.

"We're excited to convene this year's January group. The desire to come together from such a range of sectors, backgrounds and countries shows how much the world needs leaders who can have those big conversations, and unite around common global challenges"
Claire Piela, Common Purpose Global Growth and Partnerships Director.

Places are still available to join the first cohort for 2022 or to join the second cohort beginning in June. Find more information about January here.