Bite-sized learning
Make a real impact for your organization in just two hours

Bite-sized, impactful leadership learning for your organization at an attractive cost per head – delivered online or face-to-face once we are able to. Choose from a two-hour or half-day workshop to bring new perspectives and ideas to the leadership challenges currently facing your organization.

Common Purpose UK is now offering bite-sized learning for groups of up to 25 people or groups of up to 50 people. Based on 30 years of cross-boundary leadership experience, the two-hour or half-day interactive workshops are themed around either Leading Beyond Authority or Cultural Intelligence.

Each bite-sized learning experience will use an expert Common Purpose facilitator working within our microclimate to create a safe learning environment. All workshops are interactive and will include group work and external perspectives aimed at providing your people with new ideas and insights that they can translate into action. They are flexible and can be used in a number of ways, including as a stand-alone workshop or a series of workshops to deliver greater and wider impact.

Online delivery

Did you know, our bite-sized learning can be delivered online, in real-time, using digital facilitation tools? Get in touch to find out how our workshops can support your organization’s online learning strategy. 

Leanne Hamley, Head of Talent Acquisition and Development, Hermes

“We chose to work with Common Purpose to develop a programme for our top talent group because we wanted an approach that would take people out of their usual environment and broaden their horizons. The programme challenged them to consider their own impact and developed their ability to collaborate with a wide range of people so they could make better decisions and accelerate complex change. As we track the impact of the programme we can really see the operational, cultural and commercial benefits of this investment.”


Bite-sized learning will help develop your people as:

  • More inclusive leaders, better able to work with difference
  • More collaborative leaders, better able to engage with multiple, diverse stakeholders

How Common Purpose bite-sized learning can work for you

Just some examples of how bite-sized learning can make an impact in your organization:

As a complement to an existing in-house L&D programme, that will deliver an external perspective and experience

A stand-alone leadership/personal development event(s) for a team or function within your organization

Something different as part of an existing internal event, such as a team day or staff conference

To help different functions and teams across the organization work more effectively together

Joanne Bainbridge, Head of People & Engagement, Legal Aid Agency

‘We use Common Purpose open programmes to develop our senior leaders and to develop our emerging talent from under-represented groups. They provide our leaders with a great way of developing their skills to lead and represent Legal Aid Agency well, both within the organization and across the wider justice system. The networks you get with Common Purpose are like no other. Common Purpose have also delivered a number of highly interactive workshops, helping our colleagues across the organization to become more inclusive leaders by developing their cultural intelligence. This is very different from most online learning and is creating a real impact for us.’

Learning frameworks

Our learning frameworks are:

Leading Beyond Authority (LBA)

As leaders become more senior, they find themselves delivering complex change with ever more diverse stakeholders. More than ever, they need to be able to collaborate with different people and understand the wider context in which they operate. Our LBA work underpins participants’ leadership learning and helps them produce change beyond their direct circle of control.

Learn more about Leading Beyond Authority.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Leadership with CQ doesn’t just encourage inclusive thinking, it translates it into action. CQ enables leaders to become more self-aware, to that they can then work more effectively across different cultural boundaries: geographies, generations, sectors, specializations, backgrounds and beliefs.

How Cultural Intelligence can help your organization.

Helping organizations to explore themes such as:

  • Leading for a fairer world
  • Leading with social purpose
  • Adaptability
  • Influencing across systems
  • Professional resilience
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Compassionate leadership
  • Balancing strategic leadership and immediate priorities
  • Leading in ambiguous times
  • Leading remote teams successfully
  • Leading systems
  • Adapting to new environments
Vicky Quek, Leadership Development Manager, Co-operative Group

‘Common Purpose have delivered a number of short, bite-sized sessions for us over the past six months to help us accelerate some of our cultural objectives as a business and provoke thinking across our leadership population about how they might lead in a more purposeful way. The sessions involved a wide range of excellent real-world leaders sharing really honest and vulnerable insights from their own experience, which helped our colleagues to reflect on familiar themes, but through different lenses on topics around leadership, collaboration and community impact. The richness of the Q&A sessions were particularly brilliant. Our leaders left with practical ideas to apply to their own roles as well as challenging some of our thinking as an organization.’


Prices start at just £55 per head, making this a great way to develop the leadership skills of large numbers across your organization.


  Up to 25 people Up to 50 people
2-hour £2,000 £2,750
Half-day £3,500 £5,000


All costs are exclusive of VAT and assume that the commissioner covers any venue cost and any catering or transport costs (if required).

Each workshop will include

  • An introduction to the LBA or CQ leadership framework that underpins the session
  • An interactive peer group learning session to explore the framework within your own organizational context
  • A structured debrief to extract the leadership learning and identify next steps

The two-hour workshop also includes:
  • Frank insight with an external keynote contributor with facilitated Q&A/discussion
The half-day workshop also includes:
  • Small group immersive visits with a range of organizations or café conversations with leaders from these organizations

Contact Claire Bennett, Operations Director, Common Purpose UK.