US Program Manager

Jorge Arteaga

In his current role, Jorge is the US Program Manager for Common Purpose US. Jorge is involved in all aspects of the program design and execution, working alongside people on his team to ensure a successful program. He researches cities and strategically develops program curriculum to deliver a diverse learning experience.

Jorge was raised in Chicago, where he has found his passion for community development and empowerment. Prior to joining Common Purpose, Jorge was an Operations Manager for Mind+Hand – a community learning center in the southwest side of Chicago that focused on minimizing the skills gap in underrepresented communities. Through his efforts, Jorge was able to partner and deliver programming alongside entities like Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, and Chicago Public Schools.

Jorge is a Common Purpose alumni and was a part of Chicago200. He also is an Obama Foundation Community Leadership Fellow and sits on the Auxiliary Board for the Hispanic Alliance of Career Enhancement (HACE).