Partnership Director

Louise Teboul

Louise Teboul is Operations Director for Common Purpose in the Midlands and a member of the senior management team. Her role includes designing and delivering courses in Birmingham, for both senior and emerging leaders, as well as newcomers to the city. Courses range from two-day introductions to the city to six-month long modular programmes for senior/experienced leaders. Louise also ran the first Leadership Masterclass outside London, for Common Purpose, attracting both high quality national and regional contributors. She also oversees Common Purpose activities in Coventry and Warwickshire, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Oxford.

An experienced facilitator, Louise, and her team, have built up a reputation for delivering high quality, relevant and impactful programmes. She has a strong, and diverse, network of cross-sector contacts in Birmingham and the Midlands and many of the city's key public sector organisations regularly use Common Purpose courses to develop their staff.
She is passionate about Birmingham and loves seeing the difference that a group of engaged people can make to some of its key issues.

Previously Louise worked in PR/communications consultancies, for a range of clients in different sectors including financial services, retail, education, housing, healthcare, travel, IT and corporate. During her eight years in consultancy she worked with clients on traditional media relations but also facilitated many sessions on strategic communications, leadership issues, creative thinking, problem-solving and media training.

Louise led the 2016 Common Purpose Birmingham Meridian Course, which I attended with a diverse group of colleagues from numerous backgrounds. At all times, Louise provided us with a great sense of direction and guidance, yet at the same time provided us with enough empowerment to choose the right direction for us in which to maximise our learning. She was inspirational at all times, an excellent speaker and a great coach. Equally, she has a fantastic network of leaders and entrepreneurs across all 3 sectors in Birmingham to give participants a great variety of experiences and learning. And to think I knew a lot about Birmingham! Having worked in and around the city for 28 years, I was shocked at how little I knew before attending the course, which, like Louise, I thoroughly recommend.” 

Richard Southgate - Senior Area Manager, West Midlands Mid Markets, Commercial at Lloyds Bank