Research Associate, AI Initiative Harvard / Founder at Implikit

Marie-Therese Png

Being of Caribbean and Chinese heritage, and educated in French and British institutions, Marie-Therese sits at the nexus of multiple value, belief, and reality boundaries, using this as a lens of inquiry for future technological movements. Marie-Therese completed her undergraduate in Human Sciences at the University of Oxford and a Master's in Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard, where she focused on the neural underpinnings of racial prejudice. Her involvement with Common Purpose kick-started after participating in their 33fifty Glasgow 2014 programme, where she learnt to harness cultural complexity and the sheer potential of youth empowerment.

Marie-Therese founded Implikit, a speculative neurotechnology project at the MIT Media Lab, seeking to decrease implicit racial bias using VR and neuroimaging. Aiming to examine systemic biases in emerging tech, Marie-Therese is Research Associate for the Harvard AI Initiative, organising a global civic debate on AI, and in parallel organising the global biohacking movement with the MIT Community Biotechnology initiative. She is also Youth Science Initiative Coordinator, aiming to increase diverse representation in science. Marie-Therese has also been named Future of Story Telling Fellow, exploring how narrative is evolving in the digital age, notably the narratives of power, biopolitics, and unconscious bias shaping design of emerging technology.

Beyond this, Marie-Therese also practices  traditional Chinese ink painting, and track athletics.