Founder and Trustee, Rachel House

Lynna Chandra

Lynna Chandra founded Rachel House in 2006 to pioneer the first paediatric palliative care service in Indonesia, and help champion the establishment of a palliative care ecosystem to benefit patients living with life-limiting conditions. Driven by the conviction that no child should ever have to live or die in pain, compassion was the underlying foundation of the organization and equitable access its reason for being. The outcome has been the flowering of this fountain of compassion, not just in the care that it provides, but extends far and beyond into the communities. 

Lynna has since embarked on a new journey in search of an equitable humane healthcare model to ensure compassionate and excellent care is available and accessible for all, in an economically sustainable way. 

Lynna is an accountant by training and spent the first decade of her career in the investment banking industry. She is an Ashoka and Atlantic Fellow, and serves on the boards of Assisi Hospice (Singapore) and Bamboo Capital Management, a private equity firm focusing on impact investment.