Business Consultant and Board Resource, Holistic Governance

Nick Davies

Chair, Common Purpose Ireland

I have been involved with Common Purpose for circa 30 years, having participated in their programmes and being an advocate of its Purpose.

I see myself as a European citizen being a first-generation Welshman whose family originates from Germany and what was Czechoslovakia. I reside in Malahide with my wife Laura and our two young men, Alex and Howard, who has learning difficulties.

I was with Ernst & Young for 33 years, initially in the UK and then Eastern Europe. I then joined Grant Thornton Ireland. Subsequently I worked in a senior position at NAMA, the Irish semi state body created by the Irish Government in late 2009, in response to the Irish financial crisis and the deflation of the Irish property bubble. I am now retired from full time employment and provide Enterprise Risk Management Business Consulting and Non-executive director services.

I have a very clear philosophy and operating style, which is to develop a holistic view of the 'Universe' an organization operates in, the need to work across boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures. This approach I have applied wherever I have worked. I have always considered the Environmental Societal and Governance (ESG) Agenda and the impact on the development and day-to-day operation of an organization's activities. This in turn creates the content of the dialogue with the key stakeholders and what an organization needs to manage.

I have taken an active interest in the Community and the part that business must play. Previously, I have been a non-executive director of a UK National Health Service hospital, a commercial radio station and two family owned businesses. I am currently a non-executive director and Board secretary for the Beaumont Hospital Foundation.