Jack Kavanagh


I am a performance and resilience coach, speaker and a qualified healthcare professional.

In 2012 I suffered a life changing spinal cord injury leaving me with 15% muscle function.

This ignited a passion for life and motivated me to help others live more aligned, courageous, fulfilling lives, fuelled by purpose and centred in their values. In 2019 I was awarded as one of "Ten Outstanding Young People of the Year" as a dynamic individual who is doing inspirational work. I am passionate about creating environments where everyone can explore their potential and so am excited to join the board of directors of Common Purpose Ireland along with the National Disability Authority and Center for Excellence in Universal Design.

In my work as a coach and speaker I am passionate about accompanying people on their journey of wellbeing, mental fitness, personal development and leadership. I work with individuals and groups as they transform towards the person or team they want to and can be. I strive to facilitate and empower people and teams that are engaged, resilient, willing to create space for curiosity, vulnerability and insight, to build awareness and perspective, to understand and appreciate their potential then to grow into it, helping to reframe adversities for possibilities. I help people and groups to live and lead more intentionally, to move with purpose, clarity and deliberate action towards goals with an understanding of their why. I ultimately intend to assist people lead open, courageous, authentic, inspired, impactful, adventurous and compassionate teams, organisations and lives. How? Through 1:1 coaching, workshops and keynote speeches. I strive to create environments where people feel more connected, less disillusioned and have permission to lower their masks so the world gets to see more of their magic.

As a Pharmacist and Health Professional I strive to understand health in all its guises, what makes and keeps us well. I was inspired by The World Health Organization (WHO) who in 1948 defined human health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". Thus far, my experience has shown me that western medicine, including pharma and interventional medicine, has an important place allowing many a quality of life they may otherwise not have available. However it has also highlighted for me the absolute necessity for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, something I am very passionate about in my private life and in the environments I work in.