Programme Manager

Deirdre Griffin

Deirdre Griffin, Programme Manager with Common Purpose Cork, was born and bred in Cork and still lives and works in the city with her fiancé and adopted pet gerbil, Minnie! Deirdre’s working background is in the charity and social sectors. She holds an undergraduate degree in Public Health and Health Promotion and is currently completing a Master’s in Business Studies in CIT and will finish this year. “Trying to fit study around work can be a big challenge,” she says, “but the experience is worth it in order to learn more about myself, how I work with others and in particular it is giving me a better understanding of the business world and where it fits in to our society.” Deirdre has been working with Common Purpose since April 2016 and to date has found it to be a really interesting role which allows her to meet some very inspirational leaders, as well as gain great insights into people from many walks of life. Working with people is something that Deidre really loves, and she believes that people have huge potential beyond what they might ever think possible. She enjoys helping and empowering people to realize and achieve this potential.