Programmes Director, Common Purpose Hong Kong

Ivy Mak

Ivy Mak joined the Common Purpose Hong Kong team in 2018 as Programmes Director. Prior to joining Common Purpose, she worked in the television broadcast industry and managed documentary and entertainment TV channels in Asia.

Ivy is passionate about bringing people together regardless of their nationality, cultural background, religion, gender, profession and life experience. She believes every individual can learn from each other, especially from their differences, and that our openness to different people, cultures and perspectives helps promote understanding, growth and learning in our societies and our world.

Ivy is a local Hong Konger who was born and grew up in the city. She is currently a law student from the University of London. She studied in the University of Hong Kong majoring in psychology. She speaks Cantonese, English, basic Mandarin and is learning Dutch. She is an expert in TV drama and movies (but she will tell you there is still so much she has not seen yet). Since 2017, she picked up photography and became a travel and street photographer, travelled around her home town and the world. She has had her photography sold in a charity auction and exhibited in photo exhibitions.