Programme Director, Common Purpose Hong Kong

Iris Wan

Iris joined the Common Purpose Hong Kong team in May, 2017 as Programme Director. Prior to joining Common Purpose, she worked in one of the largest not-for-profit for youth in Hong Kong, where she has facilitated leadership training and development for over 10,000 young people from secondary schools and universities.

Iris is passionate about bringing individuals from different backgrounds together, and firmly believes that every person has something to offer that contributes to positive changes in the world. In her previous work, she brought over 500 youth entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, not-for-profit founders and young professionals together to discuss and collaborate on solutions for the betterment of Hong Kong, which she hopes to continue on with emerging and senior leaders of Common Purpose.

Iris studied in the UK for her secondary education and returned to The Chinese University of Hong Kong to pursue Psychology. She enjoys meeting people from diverse backgrounds and listening to their stories. She is currently an international ambassador for One Young World and one of her favourite activities is to attend events of other sectors where she can learn something different and meet someone new.​​