Senior Executive, Group Strategy and Business Development Consultant

Gail Lumsden

Chair, Common Purpose Global Customised

Gail Lumsden's expertise and experience is in solving and implementing solutions to strategic problems around profitable growth and business model transformation in large, complex businesses operating in both emerging and developed markets. She has significant international experience having lived and worked extensively in Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Until recently, Gail was Group Strategy Director at SABMiller where she was part of the close-knit team that transformed SABMiller from a multi-local brewing business to a globally integrated branded beer business.

Prior to that, Gail worked for Diageo / GrandMet where she held increasingly senior roles in strategy, finance and business development. As Business Development Director, she was closely involved in several major M&A transactions, including the acquisition of Seagram.

In her early career, Gail was an investment banker with Barclays de Zoete Wedd, specialising in sales and trading of multi-currency bonds and derivatives.

Gail holds a first class degree in Business Studies from the University of Edinburgh and completed post graduate studies at Churchill College, Cambridge as part of the R W Wright Studentship Scheme.