Associate Programme Director (Brazil), Common Purpose Student Experiences

Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher

Elisabeth is originally from Austria and has studied, worked, and lived in Austria, the USA, France, the UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Brazil, Switzerland, the UK, Germany and Italy.

Elisabeth is an intercultural trainer, as well as a leadership coach. She has a business degree with a specialization in international management from the University of Graz and an International Management Diploma from ICN Nancy, France.

Her main vocation prior to coaching and training has been that of an independent business consultant. Elisabeth has also started several successful local expatriate networks and has a great passion for organizing tours and opportunities for expats and locals alike to engage deeply with local communities and their history.

Her solid business background combined with her extensive personal intercultural experience benefit her corporate clients, which she supports to become more effective leaders in today's global environment. Her vision to create leaders capable to deal expertly with complexity and diversity has led her to join forces with Common Purpose in 2014.

Elisabeth currently lives with her family near Milan, Italy.