Senior Programmes Manager, Common Purpose Student Experiences

Dikchha Gautam

Dikchha is the Senior Programmes Manager for Common Purpose Student Experiences. She leads the planning and delivery of scale student programmes for RMIT University in the Asia-Pacific region.

On joining Common Purpose in October 2015, she coordinated on a couple of student programmes and went on to lead a successful pilot programme – Study Abroad Kuala Lumpur in 2016. Since then she has been an integral part of the team delivering successful student programmes around the globe. Her extensive knowledge on cities has helped broaden organizations' networks in many cities including Sydney, Ho Chi Minh, Dubai, New York and Santiago.

Prior to joining Common Purpose, she managed Music Royalty Collection Society Nepal, a not-for-profit organization administering the rights of authors and composers in Kathmandu. She was responsible for negotiating and providing licences to various music stakeholders for royalty rights and distribution. She also collaborated with the government to run various copyright education and awareness campaigns for different copyright stakeholders all over the country.

She holds an MSc in Management from University of Edinburgh and BA (Hons) Business Studies degree from University of Bedfordshire. Dikchha is drawn to arts, historic sites, and museums; and loves to travel with her favourite travel companion – her camera. She now lives in Kathmandu valley, Nepal with her husband and her daughter, Siya.