ASEAN Leaders Programme

An annual leadership development experience that brings together senior leaders, from different sectors of society, across the region (and beyond).

Disruptive forces and the pace of change continue to put pressure on systems, infrastructure and human capital across our region.

But as with all crises, there is an opportunity to reimagine economic resilience and become hubs of innovation and creativity and drivers of social change.

Now, more than ever, leaders in the ASEAN must be able to meet the challenge of needing to manage this ‘new normal’ whilst looking forward to what’s next.

Designed by Common Purpose for senior leaders across the region, the programme focuses on compelling themes that are real, significant and critically influence the growth of ASEAN and the success of its people.

Ser Huei Chia, Director, Ministry of Finance, Singapore

"I learned from other leaders from different sectors around the region. The need to understand the different ways of thinking and responses to issues is very important in order to work with other ASEAN countries in overcoming the challenges we face."

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Learning outcomes

The ASEAN Leaders Programme will inspire senior leaders to re-imagine the ASEAN by helping them to:

Develop the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) skills needed to better tackle complex problems

Build broader and long-lasting networks across sectors and industries in the region and beyond

See the interconnectedness of issues and opportunities for collaboration in the region

Bringing together leaders across sectors of society - Government, Business, and Civil Society - we use three thematic tracks focusing on the big issues facing the region today, to explore different approaches to problem-solving, both at systemic and organizational levels:

Digital growth in the ASEAN

Climate action and sustainability

Future of work

Who should participate?

Senior leaders who:
  • Need to influence multiple stakeholders – internally and externally
  • Need to lead diverse & inclusive teams and job functions
  • Seek to widen their perspectives
  • Seek a better understanding of the ASEAN region

Organizations who:

  • Want to help their senior leaders to lead with greater agility and empathy
  • Are looking at helping their senior leaders build a relevant network in the ASEAN region


Here is what the 2021 cohort said about their experience:


feel better prepared to build stronger working relationships


feel better prepared to have a greater impact in their organization and/or wider community


would recommend this programme to another person

Partnerships between private, public and not-for-profit sectors are becoming more and more critical in our globalized world. Surprisingly, each sector does not entirely comprehend that it takes the collective to make any real impact in society. It takes a bottom-up approach, rather than a top-down one, to help produce a change in perspective.

Looking through different leadership lens

In my day to day work life, I drive a lot of commercial activities and businesses for the company. You don’t get much chance to look at leadership through any other lens in this setting. The ASEAN Leaders Programme brought together senior leaders from across the region and from across different sectors. What this allowed was the opportunity to look at leadership through different lenses because of the close interactions and connections with other participants.

This ability to view leadership this way was, to me, a most powerful experience.

Viewing each sector as part of an ecosystem

At GE Digital, when we decide to start doing business in a new country, we encounter different sets of challenges and barriers – especially in adapting to new cultures, people and politics. As a multi-national organization, it is necessary that we are cognizant of the nuances of each culture, that we develop a deep understanding of their government, people and what builds the community.

In essence, GE Digital needed to have Cultural Intelligence.

From the programme, I gained high degree of respect and appreciation for the different sectors. It gave me that lens to view them as essential partners if we are to expand in the region. It was then I realized that other sectors are becoming more integrated, thereby more important, to the business world.

Gaining this perspective – realizing the value of all sectors – helped to lessen the barrier as we enter into a new market. The result is that we accelerated the value that we bring to the community as an organization.

I believe in how Common Purpose looks at the world – it is devoted to helping leaders transform the disconnected nature of the world into a collective ecosystem. In this ecosystem, public, not-for-profit and private sectors work together to address and meet the challenges they're facing. Only when these leaders cross boundaries and sectors do they solve interconnected problems and produce real change.

ASEAN Leaders Programme report

Find out more about the impact of the ASEAN Leaders Programme over the years.

KHENGLAY SONG, EVP / Chief Operation Officer, Canadia Bank, Cambodia

"This is an amazing programme that has helped to bring my leadership skills to a different level, both at work and in my personal life. I’m excited to bring what I learnt from this programme to help my people; to coach and empower more people in my organization and my community."


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The programme begins on 24 May, 2023.