Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship

Jenny Kim

The University of Melbourne

Follow the stories of four Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars and hear first-hand their learnings and experiences over the 12 month leadership development programme.

"Networking with the other scholars will inspire me to truly make a difference in my own unique way."


I’m a third year arts student at the University of Melbourne majoring in international studies and politics. I’m passionate about international politics and have developed a focus on the contemporary political and economic climate of East Asia. Professionally, it is my goal is to leverage my knowledge and written communication skills in the domains of research, diplomacy or even investigative journalism, but I am still learning of the different ways I can create positive social impact within today’s political field. Outside work, like most people, I love traveling, and also enjoy film photography.

Skills & Expertise

East Asian politics

South Korea’s modern political and economic climate

Australia-Asia relations

Persuasive or creative non-fiction writing

Photo journalism/travel photography