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Common Purpose UK student programmes

Students develop leadership skills with Common Purpose

Many universities recognize the importance of giving students opportunities to develop skills outside of their academic curriculum. The most successful graduates are the ones who can think, learn and adapt in ambiguous spaces and thrive in diverse cultures. That’s why we have designed a suite of co-curricular leadership programmes that take students out of their classroom and into their city to develop real-world leadership skills. This will give them access to new networks and develop skills to succeed in the future.

On a Common Purpose programme, students learn to be leaders who can cross boundaries—at work and in society. Our extensive and diverse network means that we are able to give students a unique insight into different businesses and organizations such as Google, Transport for London, RBS, Comic Relief, and many more.

Whether you’re seeking to impact 50 students or 1,000 students over the academic year, we can create our three or four-day programmes at speed with the ability to scale. The result is a global network of students who are equipped to create change in the world around them - at university and in their cities. 

Our impact

Our programmes equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the future. Find out how taking part in Frontrunner allowed Junaid to develop his skills for the future, and hear how a Head of Careers feels the programme benefits her students.

Our offering

Universities choose Common Purpose because we can tailor our programmes in order to:

Broaden Professional Networks

Our programme can be run for 50-100 students at a time; giving them access to a diverse range of leaders and instilling them with the skills to succeed in the future.

Widen participation

Our programmes help universities to benefit first-generation students, students from low-income backgrounds and student parents and carers. We do this by broadening students’ horizons, giving them face-to-face access to employers they would not normally meet.

Empower disabled students

We run accessible leadership programmes for disabled students. Our approach has so far benefitted over 650 disabled students with increased confidence, networks and skills.

Improve international student satisfaction

Our programmes for international students add significant value to their university experience. As well as developing skills, many students relish the chance to experience their city in more depth and go behind the scenes at prestigious organizations.

Energize Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad programme develops the global competencies and Cultural Intelligence that employers are looking for in their graduate recruits. More than just a campus swap, our programme takes up to 100 students at a time out of the UK for an intense leadership experience in a new city.