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What we offer

Common Purpose UK runs leadership development programmes that inspire and equip people to work together across boundaries. This enables them to solve complex problems in organisations and society.

University students 

Frontrunner and study abroad experiences

Common Purpose student programmes develop students’ leadership skills, employability, confidence and networks. Our experiential approach gives them access to a diverse range of leaders and organizations, and enables them to develop the key competencies they need to succeed in their careers.

Our suite of programmes includes Frontrunner, Frontrunner for Disabled Students, Frontrunner for International Students and Study Abroad Experiences.


Programmes for emerging leaders

Common Purpose Navigator

Common Purpose Navigator is a modular leadership development programme for emerging leaders. It is designed for individuals who want to improve their ability to work with different people, in new ways, to solve complex problems and increase their Cultural Intelligence.

Common Purpose Navigator uses the city or region as a classroom, taking leaders behind the scenes and immersing them in real-life challenges faced by leaders from a wide range of sectors. This experiential programme helps leaders explore change and innovation, allowing them to develop better problem-solving skills and the ability to work in diverse groups.


Dishaa is a programme for emerging leaders that expands, enriches and energises relations between India and the UK. Its patron is David Cameron, former UK Prime Minister.

Dishaa brings together leaders in the mid-stage of their career with a track record of leadership to address a set Challenge. By fostering discussion among diverse leaders, Dishaa builds shared approaches to 21st century political, economic and social challenges and expands the existing partnerships, friendships and dialogues that are already taking place.

On each programme, the participants are immersed in the Challenge and work together to come up with relevant ideas and recommendations.

Programmes for senior leaders


Meridian is a flexible experiential leadership programme for senior leaders across the UK.

Meridian is designed for experienced senior leaders who want to improve their ability to lead in any situation. Meridian deals with real-life leadership issues and insights, and is neither classroom nor lecture based.


CSCLeaders is an annual global leadership programme which assembles 100 exceptional senior leaders selected from governments, businesses and NGOs across the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

The first HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's Commonwealth Study Conferences took place in 1956. In 2011, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conferences (UK Fund) went into partnership with Common Purpose to develop CSCLeaders, a renewal of the groundbreaking Study Conferences, for the Commonwealth of the 21st century.

The 2016 UK study tours will take place in Manchester and Glasgow. Participants chose a city in a different Commonwealth country to complete part two of the programme.


Profile is an intensive two-day programme for senior leaders who need an update or introduction to the city where they live or work across the UK.

Participants are taken behind the scenes of a city to see it through a fresh pair of eyes and make connections with key players and stakeholders. The course enables leaders to adapt fast to a new place or update their understanding and revisit perspectives from existing or new stakeholders.

Customized programmes

Other programmes

Common Purpose delivers customised leadership programmes. These programmes are designed to meet the needs of organisations, partnerships or consortia.

Each of these programmes is tailored to a specific need and to a specific brief from the commissioning organisation. They can be adapted to a range of organisational structures and across the private, public and not-for-profit sector.