United Kingdom

Our impact

We see the impact of our programmes in four areas; participants increase their Leadership Learning, create Broader Networks, take Better Decisions and drive Bold Innovation. 

Paul Ogburn, Retail Director, Tate Enterprises

“The course has had a profound impact on me, far greater than any classroom training environment I have experienced. I built confidence and self belief in my leadership by learning from the experiences of others, and created new opportunities through broader, deeper networking – Common Purpose Meridian gave me this.”

UK alumni share their stories

Trevor Higgins, Partnership Director, BT Group PLC

“The course challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore the region and my own leadership style from a range of different perspectives. The connections I made have proved enormously useful as well as with the public sector boards that I have since joined. It has helped me to make more rounded, better-informed, decisions throughout my career. It was the most effective learning I’ve ever done.”

Do you have a story to share?

We would love to hear from you about the impact of your Common Purpose experience. 

Perhaps you improved your networks which has helped you to think differently or to come up with new ideas; you improved your leadership style after completing the programme; you set up a new business or a new initiative; or you do approach things differently now.

When writing your story please try to include a photograph to accompany your story as this will help to bring it to life.