A unique event looking at how Birmingham, the youngest city in Europe, can use this as an opportunity to drive innovation, against the reality of an ageing workforce, is being organised by leadership development organisation, Common Purpose.

The UK government predicts that by 2020 a third of workers will be over 50, yet with nearly 40% of its population under-25 and five universities within the city boundaries, Birmingham is positioned to have one of the most diverse workforce age ranges - if it can retain and attract talented workers to the city. 

Senior leaders from a range of organisations around the region will come together to explore how the city can make the most of an age-diverse workforce, and discussing how the city can attract experienced professionals whilst retaining its existing, emerging talent.  The event will also bring insights from young people on what they think is important for the city, now and in the future. 

Jo Birch, Director of Enterprise Innovation and Business Engagement at Birmingham City University, who is hosting the event, said; “As the UK gets older and the costs associated with this become apparent, youth and diversity will play a critical role in ensuring our UK economy is able to function with agility in an international market.  I don’t believe this will happen by default, it will need careful planning, championing and effort.”

The event, which takes place on 17 January, will also feature input from Anita Bhalla OBE, Chair of Performances Birmingham and Chair of the WM Mayor’s Leadership Commission; and Ammo Talwar, Founder and CEO of Punch Records and Chairman of Core Education Trust.

A small number of spaces at the event are available on request by emailing louise.teboul@commonpurpose.org.uk.  Those who cannot attend but are interested in the discussion can follow and input on Common Purpose’s Twitter account @commonpurposeUK and using the hashtag #InterGenLeaders.