Common Purpose UK leadership development

Common Purpose runs leadership development programmes across the UK that inspire and equip people to work together across boundaries.

Marie Mohan, Chief Executive, Common Purpose UK

“Now, more than ever, leaders need to think wider, seek out new connections, explore opportunities to collaborate, and inspire others to do things differently and better. Our programmes ensure that they do just that.”

Upcoming programmes in the UK

Programme Start date Audience
streetwise mba London 04 Jun 2017 Emerging
Bristol Profile 2017 13 Jun 2017 Senior
Belfast Quest 13 June 2017 Senior
Edinburgh Profile 14 June 2017 Profile
Leeds City Region Profile 2017 14 Jun 2017 Senior
Edinburgh Quest 14 June 2017 Senior
Sheffield Quest 29 June 2017 Senior
Common Purpose Navigator Midlands and Bristol 2017 11 Jul 2017 Emerging
streetwise mba Manchester 11 Jul 2017 Emerging
Bristol Quest 04 July 2017 Senior
North East Quest 2017 05 July 2017 Senior
Leeds Quest 2017 05 July 2017 Senior
streetwise mba Manchester 5 Dec 2017 Emerging
2017/18 Lancashire Meridian 16 Nov 17 Senior
2018 Manchester City Region Meridian 22 Feb 2018 Senior

Our thought leadership

At the core of what we do are two strands of thought leadership: Leading Beyond Authority and Cultural Intelligence (CQ).


A flexible and personalised leadership programme that deals with real-life leadership issues and insights in larger cities. It is designed for senior leaders who want to improve their ability to lead in any situation.

The streetwise mba®

A programme for inclusive leaders: to lead diverse teams, serve diverse customers and work with diverse stakeholders. For more information on the streetwise mba programme click here.

Common Purpose Navigator

A local programme that uses the city as a classroom, taking you behind the scenes and immersing you in real-life challenges faced by leaders from a wide range of sectors.


Students connect with real world leaders and go behind the scenes at local organizations. By learning how to lead change in their city, they more prepared for life after graduation.


An intensive two-day programme for senior leaders who need an update or introduction to the city where they live or work.

Alumni share their Common Purpose experiences

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Graduates from Birmingham explain the benefits of a Common Purpose programme

Students from the University of Roehampton discuss the programme