Common Purpose
Massive Online Innovation Community

A virtual space for Common Purpose participants and alumni to connect globally and turn ideas into impact.


As the world’s challenges increase in complexity, so does the rate of change and innovation. It is not enough to learn a new skill and not build it, establish relationships and not deepen them, or be inspired and not tap into its source.

The MOIC is an online platform that enables our participants and alumni to extend their Common Purpose experience and continue to build skills, ideas and relationships outside of their programmes.

How to join

The MOIC is open to all Common Purpose programme participants and alumni. If you have attended one or more of our full programmes and are not yet a member, request an invite here.

Collaborative innovation

The MOIC facilitates a proven innovation process that employs skills learned in Common Purpose programmes, enabling alumni across different programmes, countries and backgrounds to develop ideas and address complex challenges.

Global network

Members of the MOIC have access to a diverse network of thousands of leaders from around the world. The MOIC provides the opportunity for members to connect with these community members all over the world.

Resources and events

MOIC members gain access to articles, videos, case studies and experts for use during programmes and beyond. They can also learn about and share global, regional, or online events within the alumni community.

Benefits of the MOIC

Programme particpants

  • Learn by sharing articles and other content in multiple mediums (i.e. audio, video and written)
  • Continue building ideas between in-person sessions
  • See how people in different parts of the world deal with the same challenges
  • Capture final pitches to assist with idea development post-programme


  • Keep in touch with the global alumni community
  • Find MOIC members based on interests, skills, location, or key words
  • Share your ideas for addressing complex social challenges
  • Provide input and resources to help others build their ideas
  • Drive solutions forward to extend beyond the MOIC and into the world