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We run student leadership programmes that develop your ability to cross boundaries.

Students on a programme in Hong Kong

Students engage in experiential learning

Students need new competencies and skills fit for the 21st century to be successful and to tackle the complex challenge they and the world face. We deliver leadership programmes for students which offer a cutting-edge Cultural Intelligence framework with powerful experiential learning techniques, equipping students with the Cultural Intelligence to thrive in the world today. 

Students on a programme in Trinidad and Tobago

Some of our leadership programmes are globally focused: where you will work within a diverse group of local and international students to develop Cultural Intelligence (CQ)—the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures. Other programmes are locally focused: connecting you with local organizations in order that you better understand how your city works. Discover how you can develop your leadership skills today and establish a genuinely global network.

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Global Leader Experiences

One hundred students from a minimum of 25 countries work together over four days to tackle real global challenges and develop their Cultural Intelligence.


33Sixty is a leadership programme that equips aspiring Commonwealth leaders (aged 18-30) with the skills and the networks to make a difference, now. 

Our impact

Common Purpose changed the trajectory of my life
Dominic Akandwanaho, Student, Harvard University

"This has been wonderful overall. I have been challenged and inspired equally. I feel more prepared than ever before to launch my ideas into the world!"

University students discuss the impact of their Common Purpose programme
Riley McAuliffe, University of Melbourne, Participant, Global Leader Experience Glasgow 2014

“It has changed my perspective and priorities in ways I could have never anticipated. Cultural Intelligence, and my desire to continue to improve my own CQ, has influenced every decision I have made since the programme.”