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Many organizations recognize that to thrive in global markets they need a new type of talent.

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Talent that can think, learn and adapt in ambiguous spaces and in different cultures. Talent that wants to change things and that wants to feel a sense of purpose when they do.

But this type of talent is hard to identify and even harder to attract.

That’s why our student leadership programmes present a unique opportunity for global employers: allowing you to cultivate meaningful connections with students at the world’s leading universities.

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Sponsor a Global Leader Experience

We work in partnership with organizations and world-class universities to create Global Leader Experience programmes. One hundred students from a minimum of 25 countries work together over four days to tackle real global challenges and develop their Cultural Intelligence.

By sponsoring a GLE, you will gain personalized access to target talent, based on location, university or other recruitment criteria. This allows you to showcase your company’s culture, making it more human, alive and relatable among target student groups and universities. The result is that your brand is positioned as an employer of choice in the minds of students across the campus.

If you are looking for new ways to attract bright, globally-minded graduates, then we want to speak to you.

Contact Andy Coxall, Chief Executive, Common Purpose Student Experiences.

Our impact

Sharon Squire, Head of CSR, Santander UK

"Our partnership with Common Purpose is of great value to us as through their networks they are able to link us in to students from different areas, different backgrounds, different experiences and abilities, who can come and experience [our] workplace...these students will hopefully become part of our future workforce.”

Rakesh Khurana, Dean, Harvard College

"In our ever more complex and interconnected world which has no obvious historical parallel, Common Purpose has developed a breakthrough idea about the importance of cultural intelligence (CQ) in order to navigate both this new world and its contradictions. It has important implications and raises questions about our current systems for those of us involved in educating and developing our future global citizens."

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