Pakistani and Bangladeshi Diaspora Leaders Programme
A Common Purpose programme sponsored by the British Council

A leadership development programme for leaders of the Bangladeshi and Pakistani diasporas in the UK


Many Pakistani and Bangladeshi leaders in the diaspora remain very connected to their country of origin. Common Purpose is running a programme for these leaders that aims to build their capacity to contribute to development in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

How does it work?

The programme is focussed on a challenge: “How can diaspora leaders use their skills, talents and networks to benefit Pakistan and Bangladesh?” Over four days participants are guided through a process of creativity and innovation, including visits to organisations relevant to the challenge and sessions with senior leaders with knowledge of Bangladesh and Pakistan and of development challenges.

Who is it for?

Applications are invited from exceptional leaders from the Bangladeshi and Pakistani diaspora living in the UK. Applicants can be in the early to mid-stage of their careers or established leaders. We are seeking a participant group that includes participants from different generations. 

Why take part?
  • Develop your Cultural Intelligence and enhance your ability to Lead Beyond Authority 
  • Build new networks
  • Develop your thinking on possible futures for Pakistan and Bangladesh, and grow your capacity to translate that thinking into positive action.
Kuzvinetsa Dzvimbo, Deputy Executive Dean, College of Education, University of South Africa and Speaker, Zimbabwean Diaspora Leadership Programme, South Africa

“The value of the Common Purpose course lies in its ability to bring together Zimbabweans from different political parties and regions in Zimbabwe. I have seen how participants have changed their perceptions on Zimbabwe by listening to expert speakers and interacting with other participants who come from all walks of life. These conversations are essential for us as Zimbabweans to co-construct meanings that are essential in nation building and reconciliation.”

Important Information

Where and when?

Where: London, UK

When: 17 - 20 November 2015

Deadline for applications: 15 October 2015

How much?

There is no fee for this programme Participants will need to cover the cost of their travel to and from the programme as well as accommodation.

Contact details

For more information, email: or call +44 (0)207 608 8128

CHIPO CHUNG, ACTOR AND ACTIVIST, and Participant, Common Purpose Zimbabwean Leaders Programme

"The process is a great gift to diaspora communities, enabling us to pool our greatest resource - ourselves.
So thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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