CQ Online is an online social learning programme that develops people with Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

The innate diversity that exists within an organization can be a rich source of learning. CQ Online provides a way to unlock this. That’s because CQ Online gives participants a common language they can use to hold difficult conversations and learn from each other.

Common Purpose has four years of experience delivering online leadership programmes for leading organizations. We believe in a social learning approach that is dynamic, creative, compelling, enlightening, experiential and fun.

The result is that organizations can develop cohorts of people with Cultural Intelligence—at scale. This helps them to build more inclusive cultures; meaning they are more likely to retain talent and create an environment for diverse groups to innovate.

Rakesh Khurana, Dean, Harvard College

“In our ever more complex and interconnected world which has no obvious historical parallel, Common Purpose has developed a breakthrough idea about the importance of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in order to navigate both this new world and its contradictions.”

How does it work?

We can provide a powerful new way to learn online and at scale, delivering CQ Online for cohorts from all levels of the organization.

Core and Flex

For 30 years, Common Purpose has brought together incredibly diverse groups in cities around the world. Over time, we have developed a pioneering new methodology for how leaders can be more culturally intelligent. We call it Core and Flex. Throughout the programme, our Core and Flex framework helps leaders better understand themselves so they can be more effective in different contexts, and more inclusive in diverse groups

Stage one: Online Social Learning

Our social learning approach enables participants to engage with the content and with each other in a dynamic way. It also means they can complete the programme in time that works for them:

  • Exercises and games encourage participants to explore their own culture and other cultures in real world settings.
  • Videos enable participants to consider personal stories from global senior leaders.
  • Then, participants reflect on these experiences and begin to hold difficult— sometimes courageous—peer-conversations within a community of learners.
Stage two: Embedding the learning

Translate is a process that takes place at least three months later: the participants work on exercises with their line managers or mentors to embed the Core and Flex language. CQ Online also includes a face-to-face workshop for 50 members of each cohort; this could be line managers or employees in positions on influence. The workshop is flexible and can be delivered standalone or as a session in a larger management conference.

Stage three: Reporting and assessment

We compile reports based on assessment data taken after the programme. This enables you to track the impact on the cohort.

More Information

Learning outcomes

Become better able to lead and deliver results across cultural boundaries

Become better able to uncover the cultural influences & behaviours that make you and others operate the way they do

Become better able to embrace diversity and leverage the role it can play in innovation.