Over 60% of the population of the Commonwealth is under 30. That’s 1.2 billion young people. By the Commonwealth centenary in 2031, they will be its leaders. Commonwealth100 aims to maximise the impact of young Commonwealth leaders in both their professional and civic lives.

What kind of leaders do we aspire to be as future leaders of the Commonwealth?

Commonwealth100 is a two-phase project. The first phase has been the co-creation of a Guiding Model by young people across the Commonwealth. Over 1000 young people have been consulted in the process of creating this model of leadership for their generation. The model has been launched in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury MP, the Honourable Speaker of the Parliament of Bangladesh.

Phase two is the development of an online leadership development programme based on this Guiding Model. Through case-studies, webinars, and virtual interactions with organizations across the world, Commonwealth100 will provide a virtual space for young people to complete modules and reflect together, learning both from the content and crucially from each other.

The online programme will comprise of modules aiming to make young leaders more– Awake, Interconnected, Trustworthy, Quick, and Accessible. These competencies will maximise the impact that today’s young citizens will have as leaders of the Commonwealth by its centenary in 2031.

We hope to reach 100,000 young people by 2020.

Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, Secretary General of the Commonwealth

“Commonwealth100 is a brilliant initiative, offering new ways for young citizens from our 52 member states to inspire and work alongside one another online towards a common future. Building on the shared values of our Commonwealth Charter, Common Purpose is bringing together the talents 100,000 or more of our young people from every continent and ocean to cooperate and co-create for a future that is fairer, more prosperous, more secure and more sustainable. Most importantly, through the Open Source Leadership concept Commonwealth100 offers young people in all our member countries inclusive and participatory opportunities to take positive action and make lasting impact for the common good.”

About Commonwealth100

Commonwealth100 is aimed at young Commonwealth citizens. Applications are welcome from participants aged 16-29.

Commonwealth100 Programme Outcomes–
  • Produce a more socially-conscious generation of leaders
  • Develop technological aptitude in the context of 21st century leadership
  • Create a network of young leaders in touch with each other
  • Foster current and future global partnerships between young leaders.
  • Frame a fresh, bold, principled, networked Commonwealth of the future
Programme information

The programme will be run online and available to participants anywhere in the world.

Participants will be enrolled onto the programme and be able to complete it at their own pace, within a stipulated time frame.

Joe Burroughs, member of Commonwealth100 Guiding Council

"‘Open Source’ should summarise an essential premise that we, as a generation, must embrace wholeheartedly; that we shall never stop challenging, innovating and expanding the ideas, people and technology that lead and define our generation. As a guiding concept, it has the power to create leaders, from all backgrounds, that have the tools and ability to overcome the challenges of the contemporary world…” 


We will be awake to intolerance and determined to counterbalance it.


We will work together to lift each other up.


We will rebuild trust by being trustworthy ourselves.


We will be quick to adapt to a world turned upside down by Artificial Intelligence


We will be accessible leaders.


of young people are excited about the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


of young people identity with two or more cultures


 of young people have personally experienced intolerance

Dr Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Zambia (Founding Partner and Advisory Council member)

"The Bank of Zambia is very excited to be partnering with Common Purpose as a Founding Partner on Commonwealth100 to support young leaders across the Commonwealth. CW100 promises to create a generation of open source leaders, and empower them to adapt to our rapidly changing world."

The Commonwealth100 Guiding Model was launched in Dhaka in October, by the Honourable Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury MP, Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament The event was attended by over 50 young people, leaders of the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors in Bangladesh, including CSCLeaders and South Asia Venture alumni.

Programme Information

More information

The programme will be run online and available to participants anywhere in the world. Participants will be enrolled onto the programme and be able to complete it at their own pace, within a stipulated time frame.

Young people interested in beta testing the programme before its launch can register their interest here.

General applications will open in March 2018.

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