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A two-day local briefing for people who want to quickly understand the town or city where they live or work.


Profile is a fast-paced programme for leaders who want a briefing on Dublin as the place where they live and/or work. Participants use it as an introduction or an update. They are briefed on the important trends, key institutions and main players locally and hear firsthand from some of the leaders who are tackling local issues.

The broad range of leaders who attend Profile bring to the course their very diverse perspectives, which adds to the briefing.

Jonathan Lowe, Head of Business Investment, East Midlands Development Agency

"I went into the Profile programme expecting a simple 'refresher'. How wrong I was! I learnt a huge amount about the issues, challenges and successes of the city, and particularly how the various projects planned for the city complement each other, most of which was new to me. We heard from a wide range of excellent speakers, had some lively debates over the two days, and I came away feeling very positive about the city.'

Who is Profile for?

Leaders who need to build a rapid understanding of Dublin, as an introduction or an update.

As with all of our open programmes, the participant group on Profile is deliberately engineered for diversity in terms of background, experience, sector, outlook and approach. Participants share and challenge each other and discover that this breadth of perspective provides a key strength of the course.

Profile participants will learn to:

  • adapt fast in new places or update their existing impressions that might have become set.
  • see angles that they may not have appreciated and stakeholders they need to consider.

Programme Format and Location


Across the two-day programme, participants take part in a series of briefings, conversations, visits and debates. Participants travel to different venues and places around Dublin.


Profile is run in Dublin and in some international locations.

Organizations that operate regionally or nationally can arrange a customised package of Profiles, so that their leaders can go on a series of Profiles in different parts of Ireland.

For more information and to obtain an application form for the programme, contact the Common Purpose team.

Trevor Higgins, Partnership Director, BT Group PLC

“The course challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore the region and my own leadership style from a range of different perspectives. The connections I made have proved enormously useful as well as with the public sector boards that I have since joined. It has helped me to make more rounded, better-informed, decisions throughout my career. It was the most effective learning I’ve ever done.”

Programmes for senior leaders

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Programme Start date Audience
Profile June 2017 Senior leaders Contact us
Meridian October 2017 Senior leaders Contact us
Profile October 2017 Senior leaders Contact us
Focus January 2018 Senior leaders Contact us

Applying to the programme

How to apply

Download an application form using the link in this page's header and send it via email or post to your local Common Purpose Dublin office.

For more informations about the overall application process or for general questions, please get in touch using the online enquiries form.

Financial assistance

There are a number of almost full- (every participant must make some contribution) and part-bursary places provided on every Common Purpose course for participants who are genuinely unable to meet the full fee. 

Applicants who cannot pay the full fee should not be deterred from applying. If you would like to be considered for a bursary, please fill in the section of the application form for bursary candidates. For guidance or information, please contact us.

Everyone who has completed a Common Purpose programme will be offered a 20% reduction on the fee of any future courses they attend. Please notify us in your programme application if you wish to apply for this reduction.