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Pitstops are client-specific leadership development interventions for teams from within an organization.


Pitstops are client-specific leadership development interventions for teams from within an organization.

Pitstop modules and are designed to address a particular organisational need. For example, an organization might need their leaders and teams to:

  • Influence beyond their immediate authority - inside and outside of their organization
  • Understand power and its sources
  • Lead in unfamiliar territory
  • Broaden their perspective
  • Know the benefits that come with organizational diversity

Common Purpose can help organizations address all of these, by applying our approach of: pushing leaders outwards; supporting learning from others; offering new insights; and challenging participants to broaden their networks and horizons.

Navigator Programme Participant, Not-for-profit Sector

I would definitely recommend the Navigator programme to anyone who wants to learn more about what it takes to be a good manager. Every day we met senior staff from a variety of organizations and sectors in Ireland. From them, we learned first-hand how they managed their day-to-day work, as well as preparing for and overcoming the unexpected. It was one of the best programmes I've done.

Programme Format and Location


A Pitstop can be anything from a one-off session to four modules spread over three days, including provision for external contributors.

We bring a toolkit of tried-and-tested methods and approaches gathered from over 20 years of developing leaders of all ages and from all parts of society. These include:

Facilitated conversations and dialogue - We have a proven track record of facilitating high-level, transformative conversations amongst leaders. We use a wide variety of different techniques for this, which include open space technology, appreciative enquiry, café conversations and storytelling.

Common Purpose Learning Groups, based on Action Learning Sets, using the sequence of experience, reflection and action.

Structured reflection time to identify and apply the learning back to your own leadership challenges.
Opportunities to learn from conversations with inspiring and challenging leaders who have taken risks and led change in a wide range of contexts.

Behind-the-scenes visits to organizations and frank conversations with senior leaders from areas outside your own sector, to learn about their realities of decisionmaking and leadership.


Pitstops are run across Ireland and take place in your office or a suitable location.

More information on Pitstops can be obtained by contacting your local Common Purpose team.

For Dublin enquiries please contact Ria Flom on (01) 872 9322 or email

For all other enquiries please contact Deirdre Griffin on (021) 492 4694 or email

Programme Participant, Public Sector

I found the course to be so interesting and extremely insightful. I learnt a lot about myself, and I took great solace in hearing people from different professional standings and backgrounds articulate extremely similar worries, likes, dislikes and opinions to my own.

Applying to the programme

How to apply

Download an application form using the link in this page's header and send it via email or post to your local Common Purpose Dublin office.

For more informations about the overall application process or for general questions, please get in touch using the online enquiries form.

Financial assistance

There are a number of almost full- (every participant must make some contribution) and part-bursary places provided on every Common Purpose course for participants who are genuinely unable to meet the full fee. 

Applicants who cannot pay the full fee should not be deterred from applying. If you would like to be considered for a bursary, please fill in the section of the application form for bursary candidates. For guidance or information, please contact us.

Everyone who has completed a Common Purpose programme will be offered a 20% reduction on the fee of any future courses they attend. Please notify us in your programme application if you wish to apply for this reduction.