South Asia Venture
A programme for exceptional leaders from across South Asia

The South Asia Venture Programme is an annual, two-part leadership development programme that seeks to bring together exceptional leaders from across all South Asian nations onto a common platform where they work together to address pressing issues relevant to the region.

The South Asia Venture is an annual two-part leadership programme that brings together emerging leaders from governments, businesses and non-profits across South Asia. The programme develops leaders in South Asia with the Cultural Intelligence to work fluidly across the region. It gives them the skills to leverage diversity and, in doing so, spark innovation. Furthermore, participants begin to form the broad networks needed to realize the immense potential of the South Asian Community.

Upcoming dates:

3 June – 18 August 2017

Colombo Contact Module, 2017: 
22-25 August, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka

April – May 2018

India Contact Module, 2018: 
May, 2018, India

Kanika Pal, Chief Thinker, Soche, India, Participant, South Asia Venture 2017

This programme, has a great emphasis on values – that enables the participants walk the talk as they go through the leadership programme.

What will the programme entail?

The Challenge

The programme focuses on a compelling challenge facing the South Asian region. Participants explore the challenge from every possible angle and see both the problems and the possible solutions. They then work up practical ideas in response to the challenge, which they present to a panel of senior leaders.

The programme

The programme blends face-to-face modules with online learning. The seamless process of blended learning enables participants to continue to develop their ideas, grow their Cultural Intelligence and develop their relationships throughout the programme, even though they are dispersed across the region.

The two face-to-face modules each comprise four intensive days of learning. Here, participants develop leadership skills as they explore the challenge from the perspective of different countries and cities. The participants are guided through a process of creativity and innovation. They visit organizations across the city and engage in discussions with senior leaders from across the public, private and NGO sectors.

Dates and locations:

This year’s first face-to-face module took place in Mumbai in May 2017. The next face-to-face module will take place in Colombo in August 2017. This will comprise a combination of the South Asia Venture participants and their counterparts taking part in our Africa Venture – a truly amazing opportunity to see leadership through the eyes of others.

Leaders who require a flexible approach can choose to complete the programme over two years. This option is fully supported by our blended learning structure and has the added benefit of building their network across both the 2017 and 2018 participant groups.

Why take part?

Many of South Asia’s challenges and opportunities transcend different boundaries. 

The ability of South Asian leaders to meet these challenges and navigate boundaries will define the region’s future. The South Asia Venture therefore encourages participants to work in new directions and develop innovative approaches to challenges facing the region today. In the process, it equips them to operate effectively across the region and globally.

In addition, the programme will:

  • broaden leaders’ horizons and enable the transfer of knowledge, know-how and inspiration
  • enable them to develop Cultural Intelligence; the ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures
  • equip them to build long lasting relationships across the region and the globe

Who is it for?

Applications are invited from emerging leaders in the early to mid-stage of their careers from across all sectors including public, private and not-for-profit. They will be recognized as those who will rapidly progress to even more senior roles by demonstrating significant influence in their current role.

All applications will be reviewed by members of the Advisory Group on a rotational basis annually.

How to apply

When and where?

22-25 August 2017 – Colombo, Sri Lanka.

May 2018 – India


Participant Fees: USD 7000 plus applicable Indian taxes.
(Plus withholding taxes wherever applicable)

The fee covers all accommodation, meals and local transport during the programme.

Ability to pay is not a criterion for selection. Partially funded places are available for applicants who are genuinely unable to meet the fee criteria.

If you are interested applying or want more information about the South Asia Leaders Programme, please get in touch here.

Tasnima Haque Orin, Talent Acquisition Manager, British Asian Tobacco Company, Bangladesh, Participant, South Asia Venture 2017

It has been a roller-coaster ride – it has been about really broadening my horizons. What was interesting was that it really helps you connect the dots and push you beyond your boundaries and comfort zones.