Diaspora Dialogues

The Diaspora Dialogues will bring together leaders from diaspora across the world.

How will it work?

The Diaspora Dialogues will bring together leaders from diaspora across the world. Leaders who are familiar with operating in multiple cultures and geographies. Leaders who connect global and local, having spent their whole lives with their feet in multiple places. Leaders who are natural interpreters, communicators and bridge builders. Leaders who are uniquely valuable in a world that is becoming more fragmented.

The Diaspora Dialogues is not a conference. It is an opportunity for diaspora leaders to come together. Through a dynamic process they will exchange ideas and inspiration. There will be no ‘speakers’ in the traditional sense. The participants will provide the content. They will share their knowledge and experience as part of a carefully curated programme.

Chipo Chung, Actor and Activist, Participant, Zimbabwean Diaspora Leaders Programme

"The process is a great gift to diaspora communities, enabling us to pool our greatest resource - ourselves".

Why now?

  • The balance between local and global is being reset across the world. We need global bridge builders more than ever before.
  • Fragmentation between generations is increasing. Many millennials are from multiple cultures. They seek inspiration and insight from confident, successful, diaspora leaders who are able to straddle worlds.
  • Migration will continue to flow and will increase with global warming. People from diaspora are uniquely qualified to help us survive another great era of global migration without irreparable division.
  • Diaspora leaders are often innovators, though ideas do not always flow between diaspora. Together diaspora leaders could learn, share, question, encourage, support, cross-fertilise and innovate.

Who will take part?

Participants will be:

  • diaspora leaders with multiple geographical or cultural identities, who contribute to multiple societies
  • interested in more than themselves. They will have made things happen for the benefit of others
  • leaders of all ages, who “pull up their sleeves”, get stuck in and are not interested in hierarchies nor flattery. They are impressed and inspired by what other people do.
Lord Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick , CBE, Chancellor of Regent’s University London

“I am fully intending to come to Armenia for the first Diaspora Dialogues. The concept is of its time and reflects the misalignments in our world that are more than threatening if not addressed rightly.” 

What are the outcomes?

The participants will shape what emerges from the Diaspora Dialogues but possible outcomes could be:

  • A new voice—begin a new narrative on diaspora and spark debates across the world
  • Multiple ideas—ten ideas which will be developed and replicated
  • Many collaborations—half of the participants get involved in other participants’ work. A major collaboration is initiated on one new idea
  • A community is formed. A web of solidarity amongst diaspora, which crosses the different communities, provides support in times of need, and builds bridges across the world.

Where and when?

The inaugural Diaspora Dialogues will be held in Armenia, 8–10 October 2017.

A country with a history that weaves across the world, where cultures have collided for centuries. Armenians are one of the most dynamic diaspora in the world. Armenia is the home of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, which is a founding partner in the launch of the Diaspora Dialogues.

What happens next?

The participants and the founding partners will shape the Diaspora Dialogues ahead:

  • Where they are held in the future
  • Whether they remain global or become local too
  • Who takes part
  • What the future funding model looks like
  • What needs to change from the first Diaspora Dialogues.

For more information contact:

or call +44 (0)7960 183572