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Your highlights

We are enormously pleased with how participants responded to the course. It has been a wonderful experience taking part in your discussions, reading your insights and learning with you over the past four weeks.

Lesley Hodgson

"I'm not going to rely on single stories. I'm going to lengthen my anchor chain. I'm going to ensure I'm not too flexible and be strong in my core, and show that strength to others. I'm going to unravel my knots and continue to experience the experiences rather than be one of the flying dead."

Your most viewed video: 'A need for Cultural Intelligence'
Alketa Kambo

“This course has made me think that perhaps I should consider more people who are not like me.”

Steven Roberts

"Start engaging at a deeper level. Asking more open questions, showing more genuine interest in others. Stop and think more before speaking out loud. 
Continue to work towards being a better me."

Clive Holt

"I have discovered that Cultural Intelligence is like a window. Its tools give me an opportunity to observe, listen, and understand what exists outside of who and what I am."

Ann Divine

"This course has been a tremendous eye opener. As Julia said, it does not stop; it is ongoing. I will be using Cultural Intelligence in my practice daily."

Jan Brown

"With all the meetings and conversations I am having over the next few weeks - I am going to consider people's core more than I have in the past - and see how I can flex differently with them to build a stronger relationship."

Your most discussed video: 'My experiences of Cultural Intolerance'
Emilia Sannino

"I really believe intolerance is given by lack of education... and by fear of unknown."

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As we continue to work on our ‘Developing Cultural Intelligence for Leadership’ course, we would welcome your feedback.

If you have ideas on what you think we could improve - or what you would like to see more of - please do let us know.