Student, University of Oxford

Marie-Therese Png

Marie-Therese is an undergraduate studying Human Sciences at the University of Oxford. She is a mixed St Lucian and Chinese Singaporean individual, raised in London and educated at a French international school. Her involvement with Common Purpose kick-started after participating in their 33fifty Glasgow 2014 programme. Her academic interests include future technologies, bioethics, neuroscience, global policy, social justice and sustainability.

Marie-Therese explores industries by undertaking internships, including biotechnology/neuroscience research, banking technology consultancy, international media and government bodies in Singapore and Beijing. She was a delegate at the BT Conference in New York on conscious capitalism, head of Sponsorship for the Oxford Climate Forum and founded a student initiative addressing Tropical Diseases. From these experiences she has learnt the value of understanding cultural contexts and the sheer potential of youth empowerment.

At university Marie-Therese is a varsity track athlete, is involved with the Oxford Union and Oxford Business Guild as well as various racial equality initiatives. She enjoys freelance photography and adventure travel.