Operations Director, Common Purpose UK

Ed Herman

Ed joined Common Purpose as a Senior Co-ordinator in December 2003. Since then he has acquired indepth knowledge of Common Purpose across a number of disciplines. Ed was responsible for the development of Common Purpose's first modular leadership course (Meridian) and international events (Quests).

Appointed Marketing, Curriculum and Training Director in January 2011, Ed then became Project Development Director in the summer of 2012. In this role, Ed was responsible for international projects, marketing strategy and implementation, internal and external communications, PR, alumni strategy and reputation management. As Operations Director Ed leads a team delivering programmes in cities across the UK - in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Newcastle and Bristol - and leads Common Purpose UK’s student leadership programmes. This includes a project providing international opportunities to Scotland’s students. Further  responsibilities include Governance arrangements and people development strategy.

After more than a decade, experiencing the unique atmosphere of a Common Purpose programme – wherever it’s taking place - still excites him.

Ed is a member of the Board of National Officers (Trustees) of Liberal Judaism. He lives in London with his wife, two kids and small dog, all of whom would say he spends too much time (and money) on an institution known as Arsenal Football Club.