Our Alumni Network

A network of 50,000 and rising, leaders around the world.

Our unique network

Everyone who finishes a Common Purpose programme, anywhere in the world, is welcome to join the Common Purpose 360 network – a 50,000 strong, growing, global community of our alumni with exceptional diversity and a huge range of skills, interests and leadership experiences.

Some will be very senior, experienced leaders across the public, private and NGO sectors, others will be emerging leaders and some will be just finishing university. This breadth and depth makes the network unique.

Joey Powis, Frontrunner graduate

“Through 360, Common Purpose makes it easy to keep in contact with the other participants on my course as well as other Common Purpose alumni. I now have a wide range of contacts at my disposal, spanning various sectors. I find it hard to think of any faster way to make so many leadership connections.”

Collaborate and innovate

At Common Purpose, we understand how to make innovation happen. We have been doing this on our programmes for over twenty-five years; now we have gathered our knowledge and experience to create the Common Purpose Massive Online Innovation Community (MOIC), taking this process online for the first time.

So if you want to do more than connect on 360, by using the MOIC, you can consult and collaborate with fellow leaders to develop innovative solutions to real-life Challenges.

You can use it as a hub for sharing and finding information and ideas. It’s an online resource that complements your learning on Common Purpose programmes.

You are part of a lively, engaged and diverse Common Purpose alumni network that is ready to make, and make the most of, its connections across the world, is looking to see the world through a fresh lens and has a conviction that change is possible. The MOIC will help you make change happen.

We are currently running a pilot MOIC for a selected group of alumni. During 2015, we will open the MOIC to all Common Purpose alumni, providing an ongoing, broad source of ideas that will grow exponentially each year.

Tell us now if you want to be one of the beta users, email us. We will contact you soon to tell you more about this exciting initiative and how you can be part of it.

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Contribute to a programme

Have you contributed on a programme since you completed yours?

What does it involve?

Whether you give your time as a speaker, panellist or visit host, the benefits are considerable. It's a chance to recapture the atmosphere and excitement of Common Purpose, continue your leadership learning, expand your network, gain invaluable consultancy and showcase your work or organization.

How to contribute

To contribute, please get in touch with your local Common Purpose office or email us.



Since 1989, 50,000 people from around the world have graduated from our programmes.



will become Common Purpose alumni this year.

Gavin Dyer, Regional Managing Director, Weir Minerals Africa Middle East, Participant, CSCLeaders

"An absolute eye opener at every level."